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Blaash Video Commerce Platform


Blaash Video Commerce Platform

Videos Automated content generation, engaging video features, Web Stories, Shoppable Videos, Live Commerce. Increase sales, boost conversion rate, engage app visitors, unmatched site speed performance, AI-powered content generation.

What is Blaash?

Blaash brings Video First Shopping Experience to brand's website & app to amplify engagement & conversions.

Key Features and Services:
  • 10X ROI Guaranteed. Boost Conversion Rate by 4X

  • CONVERT SHOPPERS: Shoppable Videos, Stories & Live Shopping with In-App Checkout

  • DIY PLATFORM: A no-code solution & UX builder for Marketing & Growth folks

  • UNMATCHED SITE SPEED PERFORMANCE: No compromise video quality with Automation

  • AI-POWERED CONTENT GENERATION: Generate high-quality content quickly & easily

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