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A New Era of Mobile Commerce: Announcing the Partnership of Appbrew and

A New Era of Mobile Commerce: Announcing the Partnership of Appbrew and

Jun 21, 2023

In the dynamic world of digital commerce, innovation, and collaboration are key to staying ahead. Today, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between two industry leaders: Appbrew and

Appbrew, a renowned mobile app builder, empowers brands to create customizable mobile applications with ease. With a focus on user-friendly design and robust functionality, Appbrew has revolutionized the way businesses approach mobile commerce.

On the other hand,, a pioneer in video-first shopping experiences, has transformed the way brands engage with their customers. By integrating live commerce, shoppable videos, and web stories, has created a rich, immersive shopping environment that drives customer engagement and sales.

The Mission of Appbrew and

At the heart of Appbrew's mission is to empower brands to build and scale high-conversion mobile apps through their headless, no-code platform. By offering a headless, no-code platform, Appbrew enables businesses to design and launch mobile apps that reflect their brand identity, engage their customers, and drive growth., meanwhile, is committed to redefining the online shopping experience. Recognizing the power of video in capturing customer attention and conveying product details, has created a platform that humanizes the shopping experience through engaging, interactive video content.

This partnership is a natural alignment of both companies' missions. By combining Appbrew's customizable mobile app platform with's video-first shopping experience, we aim to create a new standard in mobile commerce—one that is engaging, personalized, and highly effective.

Enhancing User Experience:

The fusion of Appbrew's customizable mobile app platform and's video-first shopping experience is set to redefine the user experience in mobile commerce. By integrating these two powerful platforms, we aim to create a shopping experience that is not only engaging and interactive but also personalized and user-friendly.

One of the key enhancements is the integration of shoppable videos into the mobile app experience. Users can watch product videos and make purchases directly from the video, creating a frictionless journey from browsing to buying. This not only makes shopping more engaging but also simplifies the purchase process, leading to higher conversion rates.

In addition, the integration of live commerce features will bring a new level of interactivity to the mobile shopping experience. Users can participate in live sales events, interact with the hosts in real-time, and make immediate purchases. This creates a sense of excitement and urgency that can drive impulse purchases and increase sales.

But it's not just about adding new features. The partnership also focuses on enhancing the overall user experience. From the design of the app to the user journey, every aspect is carefully crafted to be intuitive, user-friendly, and aligned with the brand's identity. This ensures that users have a positive experience every time they use the app, which can lead to higher customer retention and loyalty.

The Benefits of the Partnership:

The partnership between Appbrew and is set to bring a host of benefits to both companies and their users. By integrating our unique strengths and capabilities, we aim to create a mobile commerce experience that is unparalleled in its richness, personalization, and effectiveness.

Benefits for Appbrew Users:

For Appbrew users, the integration of's video-first shopping experience will add a new dimension to their mobile apps. Users will be able to incorporate engaging, shoppable videos into their apps, creating a more immersive and interactive shopping experience for their customers. This not only enhances customer engagement but also provides a more detailed and vivid showcase of products, which can drive sales and conversions.

Moreover, the partnership will allow Appbrew users to leverage's live commerce features. Brands can host live sales events within their apps, interacting with customers in real time, answering questions, and driving immediate purchases. This adds a dynamic, real-time element to the shopping experience, fostering a stronger connection between brands and their customers.

Benefits for Users:

For users, the partnership with Appbrew opens up new possibilities for mobile commerce. Users will be able to create fully customizable mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with their video-first shopping experiences. This means they can extend their reach beyond the web, engaging customers through a dedicated mobile platform.

In addition, users will be able to take advantage of Appbrew's robust app-building features. This includes easy onboarding, no-code daily marketing operations, and scalable integrations, all of which can enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of their mobile apps.


We invite you to explore the new features and benefits of this exciting partnership. Whether you're an existing user of Appbrew or, or you're looking for a new solution for your mobile commerce needs, we believe this partnership can provide you with the tools and capabilities you need to succeed in the dynamic world of mobile commerce.

Experience the future of mobile commerce today. Explore the new possibilities brought by the Appbrew and partnership and take your mobile commerce to the next level

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