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Karma and Luck experienced a 50% increase in their conversion rate after transitioning to Appbrew

Karma and Luck experienced a 50% increase in their conversion rate after transitioning to Appbrew

Feb 16, 2024


Karma and Luck, a distinguished direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand in the jewelry and lifestyle category, aimed to extend its ethos of creating authentic connections into the digital realm. However, their journey was hampered by limitations posed by their previous app development partner, which led them to seek a solution that truly reflected their brand's identity and ethos.

The Appbrew Solution:

Recognizing these challenges, Appbrew embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of Karma and Luck’s mobile app, focusing on a tailor-made approach that aligned closely with its brand identity and e-commerce goals.

Our solutions encompassed:

1. Custom-Designed App: A fully customized app was developed to resonate with Karma and Luck’s unique aesthetic and philosophy, providing an authentic brand experience.

2. Integrated Essential Features: We seamlessly integrated search functionalities, deep links, social login and post-purchase experience to enhance user engagement and convenience.

KAL Account page

3. Replicated Brand Identity: The app now mirrors Karma and Luck’s brand identity with custom fonts, colors, and content, ensuring consistency across platforms.

4. Bespoke Features: Including a native discount page and sign-in prompts to enrich the user journey. Sign in prompts led to 30% users to sign ups.

KAL Bespoke Features

5. Unique Daily Horoscope Feature: A totally custom feature that aligns with the brand’s theme, offering daily horoscope readings to engage users continually.

KAL Horoscope

Karma and Luck Testimonial

Karma and Luck Delta Table 2

The Impact

KAL Per Session Benefits

Appbrew App vs Web:

Karma and Luck Delta table

The Challenge

Karma and Luck's collaboration with their previous app developer was fraught with challenges that hindered their ability to connect authentically with their audience. These included:

  1. Templatized App Design: The app lacked the unique style and identity that Karma and Luck embodies, offering no authentic brand experience to the users.

  2. Missing Critical Integrations: Essential features like search functionalities were absent, impairing user engagement and decision-making.

  3. Inconsistent Brand Identity: The app failed to replicate Karma and Luck’s brand identity, missing customer fonts, colors, and A+ content.

Karma and Luck App Image 1

4. Lack of Custom Features: The app did not offer the bespoke functionalities needed to elevate the user experience.

5. Absence of Deep Links and Social Login: These essential components for a seamless user journey and easy access were missing.

Karma and Luck Login


Through strategic enhancements and custom developments, Appbrew not only addressed the challenges faced by Karma and Luck but also propelled their business to new heights. Our expertise in driving growth through both organic and paid app acquisition strategies has been instrumental in achieving stellar business outcomes. Karma and Luck’s success story exemplifies the transformative power of a well-crafted app in elevating a brand’s digital presence and e-commerce performance.

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