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Transforming Ruhe's E-commerce Strategy with Appbrew: 7.4x conversion rate and 12x LTV of app users

Transforming Ruhe's E-commerce Strategy with Appbrew: 7.4x conversion rate and 12x LTV of app users

Feb 1, 2024
Ruhe App Benefits
Ruhe Benefits


Ruhe, a distinguished brand in the kitchen and bathroom fittings sector, recognized the need to deepen its relationship with its customer base to drive growth and improve key business metrics. With a vision to transcend traditional e-commerce barriers, Ruhe collaborated with Appbrew to launch a bespoke mobile application tailored to its unique requirements.

The Challenge

Ruhe faced a unique challenge in its niche market of kitchen and bathroom fittings: the repeat purchase frequency was to be improved. Ruhe aimed to enhance its LTV and sustain long-term customer relationships. Further, Ruhe also targeted to increase its AOV and reduce CAC in a competitive landscape. The brand needed a solution that not only addressed these challenges but also set a new standard for customer engagement in its industry.

Appbrew's Approach

Appbrew stepped in with a comprehensive solution centered around the development of a cutting-edge mobile app specifically designed for Ruhe's needs. The app was engineered to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, incorporating several key features and integrations that would enable Ruhe to meet its ambitious goals.


Ruhe Delta Table


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Teaming up with Appbrew was an amazing experience. They brought our ideas to life with creativity and precision. Every step was a breeze thanks to their commitment and expertise.


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Key Integrations

The Appbrew team implemented essential integrations such as customer reviews, search, and wishlist functionalities. These integrations were crucial for enhancing product discoverability and building trust through transparency, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Ruhe Reviews and Wishlist

Custom Variants on Product Detail Pages (PDP)

Leveraging metafields, Appbrew introduced custom variants on PDPs. This feature allowed customers to personalize products according to their preferences, significantly enhancing the user experience and encouraging higher engagement rates.

Ruhe PDP

Custom Integration for Yagi (order cancellations)

Understanding the importance of flexibility in online purchases, Appbrew developed a custom integration with Yagi for order cancellations. This integration streamlined the cancellation process, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Using App as a Customer Acquisition Tool for Paid Marketing

To optimize Ruhe's paid marketing efforts and maximize return on ad spend, Appbrew implemented meta integration. This enabled more effective targeting and personalization, leading to lower CAC and higher conversion rates.


The collaboration between Ruhe and Appbrew exemplifies the transformative potential of a strategically developed mobile app in the DTC e-commerce space. By focusing on customer engagement, personalization, and operational efficiency, Ruhe was able to overcome the challenges of its niche market, achieving stellar business outcomes. This case study not only highlights Ruhe's success but also showcases Appbrew's expertise in creating e-commerce solutions that drive growth and foster long-lasting customer relationships.

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