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How The Man Company Achieved 30% of Its D2C Business Through a Mobile App

How The Man Company Achieved 30% of Its D2C Business Through a Mobile App

Feb 25, 2024


The Man Company is a prominent player in the men's grooming industry. They focus on providing high-quality, premium grooming essentials.

To enhance their growth, they aimed to leverage mobile apps. By integrating innovative features such as social sign-in, shoppable videos, and product bundling, they sought to enrich the user experience and streamline the shopping process.

Within 6 months, the app contributed 30% of their D2C business.

Appbrew's Strategic Approach

The app was devised to not only elevate TMC's digital footprint but also enhance the user experience. This strategy was rooted in a deep understanding of The Man Company's brand ethos and the unique needs of its customer base.

Development of a Custom Mobile Application

The mobile app focused on a user-centric design. It mirrored TMC's aesthetic to ensure a cohesive user experience across all digital touchpoints.

Integration of Key Features to Enhance User Experience

Social Sign-In

Social sign-in streamlined the login process, making it faster and more convenient. This encourages repeated app usage and engagement. This convenience resulted in a 25x increase in signups as compared to the website.

TMC Social Sign-In

Shoppable Videos

Appbrew provided a native Shoppable Reels integration via Firework. By integrating shoppable videos, TMC created an immersive & engaging shopping experience. The integration allows customers to purchase products directly from videos. This feature bridged the gap between content and commerce, increasing the conversion rate.

Product Bundling

Product bundling offers curated product combinations at attractive prices. This increased the average order value and encouraged customers to explore a broader range of products.

Reflecting The Man Company's Brand Identity

To reflect TMC's brand identity, Appbrew offered a variety of features.

Rich Content Blocks

Appbrew incorporated rich content blocks to showcase TMC's products and stories. These blocks improved the visual appeal and provided users with engaging informative content.

TMC Rich Text Block

Unlimited Custom Pages

Unlimited custom pages enabled TMC to grow the app according to its vision. They could map and develop new product categories and PDPs as they desired. This also ensures the app remains fresh, relevant, and aligned with the brand's marketing strategies.

Rich Post-Purchase Experience

Appbrew enhanced the post-purchase experience by integrating order tracking, accessing previous orders, and rewards.

TMC Post Purchase Experience

These features collectively ensured that the app not only served as a sales channel but also as an extension of TMC's brand identity.

Results Achieved

The strategic enhancements and custom features implemented by Appbrew led to significant improvements in KPIs.

TMC Delta Table


The collaboration between The Man Company and Appbrew led to significant enhancements in the mobile app experience, achieving remarkable outcomes in user engagement and conversion rates. These strategic improvements not only reflected The Man Company's brand identity but also drove substantial business growth, demonstrating the potential of a well-crafted mobile application in today's digital marketplace.

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